In light of the most recent tragedy to fall upon our own soil, the post that I was planning to write about seemed frivolous, and so instead I will make this one short and to the point.

We, as a nation, are not used to living in a world where there is a daily threat of terrorism, whether foreign or domestic. When it occurs, we are still shocked, angered, and surprised. As much as I wish it weren’t true, we have to realize that this is our current situation and continue to prepare the very best that we can to avert it, knowing that our best will sometimes not be enough.

I believe in human kind and I repeatedly see the good in people when these horrific acts of cowardice happen. I know deep in my heart that whatever faith you believe in, there is a lesson to be learned, even if it doesn’t make sense and causes unbearable pain. I have to.

My prayers are for all of those who have experienced tragedy, not only that which occurred in Boston. And although it is obvious that peace continues to elude us all, it is still the prayer that I speak each night before I close my eyes.

The prayer for peace to come to us all and for hatred to cease.