Enough About Me…

I began this blog about a year ago to learn about how blogging works, what it takes to design and keep one running, and to explore what types of things I want to share on it. After experimenting with short stories, poems, and personal stories, I have found that I’m not terribly interested in sharing the typical events that mark my and my family’s lives. I intended to share early childhood teaching ideas and lessons with the occasional fun crafting idea thrown in. Having picked up writing after a long hiatus (a long, long hiatus), I have found that I spend a great deal of time reading and writing and neglecting ‘The Beehive’ instead of posting lessons plans, crafting, or much else.

One thing that I really love to do, though, is plan, theme, and throw parties. Holidays, birthday parties, dinner parties, cocktail parties…it doesn’t matter. I tend to become a little possessed the minute I think that I may be hostessing an event of any kind. My family sees the ‘party demon’ take over my body and knows that I may be unreachable until I’ve satiated my need to consider, file, and organize my ideas. If that means dinner is late, well, looks like grilled cheese.

Since I love perusing party planning sites, looking for tasty, interesting recipes, and crafting just about anything, I decided that I would try posting craft and party ideas that other people might want to use and see how it goes.

So, please take a look if it interests you and find your own inspiration.



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