My Faith in the Goodness of Human Kind is Restored (At Least for Today)

With so many daily occurences of rudeness, bad manners, and downright nastiness (National Nasty day is OVER people!), sometimes it’s really hard to have faith in humankind. Being cut off in traffic, being flipped off for not hitting the gas immediately when the light turns green, having to listen to the person in front of you yell at the barista (yes, I spend way too much time at Starbucks) for not hearing her voice over passing truck traffic. There are just some days that I want to pack it in, move out to Montana and leave all of the “bad” people behind. In this, I know that I am not alone. Who’s in?

I am truly appalled at the way people behave- what happened to civility, kindness, and simple good manners? ThoughtFULness instead of thoughtLESSness. What’s up people?!

I digress.

There are some days where you witness things and you know that goodness still exists. I was shopping in a dollar store and as I came around the corner, a woman and her son were suddenly there with a cart. I looked at them both and said, “Oh, excuse me.” The woman kindly replied, “No. Excuse me,” and gently grabbed the cart that her son was pushing to help move it aside. As they continued down the aisle, she spoke to him and it became apparent that her adult son had special needs. She spoke to him respectfully and patiently as she reminded him that he needed to hold onto the cart. As I browsed the shelves in the next aisle, they came towards me from the other direction. She continued to remind her son to hold onto the cart while she begged the pardon of other shoppers in the aisle. Each person she passed replied with the same, “Excuse me,”or “Of, course,” and moved aside to let them pass. Can you imagine? People being nice to each other. AND respectful. I truly stood still for a few seconds to watch. Was it because the people in the store recognized that her son was “different”? Or was it because they were raised to understand that you should always try to be polite? Does it really matter? They were pleasant to each other and everyone was happy. As I moved along on my way I immediately thought of my grandmother. She was always polite and insisted that were we, too. If she had been with me, she would have said, “That’s how things should be.”

It is how things should be.

Next time you’re about to let the door swing closed as you leave a restaurant, hold it open for the person behind you. Next time you’re at the grocery store and try to beat out the elderly lady moving towards the line you’ve scoped out, let her go first. The next time someone reminds you that all you need to do is to try being nice, just say,”Thank you” (and mean it).


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